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I woke today from a mess of dreams. 
Yesterday Jessica, Wyatt and myself, we had a talk about string theory. Nova that.
And then we started talking about that interconnection thread with people. That wave length that happens and you feel someone else even if they are far away.
I woke up and you didn’t feel OK. Maybe that’s in my head and I’m having pangs of other things, wanting to be needed or known or something.
At any rate, on whatever frequency,  I’m listening to you and I’m not so far away.


Happy Nutella Day!

Cocktails and Noshes: dinner my way

Hand crafted cocktails with infused spirits, homemade bitters, etc

Homemade Vegetable chips: beet, daikon, carrot served with
Vegan Baba Ghanoush
Poblano and Black bean dip

Chive Wrapped Roasted Asparagus with a Chili Aoili

Plantain empanada with caramelized onion, kale, and butternut squash (with cayenne- sweet and spicy)
Zucchini and scallion fritter with spicy tomato jam

Lettuce wrap- marinated sirloin and tofu
Crispy onions, garlic, soy, sesame 

Stuffed Mushroom- red & yellow pepper, shallot, herbs, sundried tomatoes, 

Baked Sweet Potato Falafel with a pomegranate-grapefruit walnut relish

Jerusalem cucumber cups- tomato, olive, red onion, garlic… in a lemon tahini dressing
Chocolate Cake- sheet cake cut and portioned into individual servings, garnished with a fresh berry
Grilled Skewers of mango and strawberry, balsamic reduction

19 days. no cigarettes.  it’s a new year.

And here are my wishes for you.
The happiest of new years. All of the love. Peace within yourself. Hugs in abundance.

Happy new year.

Christmas Miracle.

My parents dropped me off from the suburbs after Christmas. In front of ethan, and in one breath my father “he”‘d me several times without correcting himself and without criticism talked about coming to a passover meal at my house. My mother did this the day before.

They left and ethan looked at me. “Did you talk to them?” “Nope.”

Unprompted Christmas miracle? I think so.


I hope these eight have been wonderful for you. They’ve been pretty good for me too. I think I’ve said it before, but Stephanie, I think of you and smile. I miss you. I miss talking daily. I miss who you are. That doesn’t mean I’m unhappy. It doesn’t mean I want you to do anything but what you’re doing, or me anything but what I’m doing. I just miss telling the ins and outs of days with someone very special.

I love you, Goldfarb. Happy Chanukah. Thank you for being the wonderful one that you are. You make many days brighter… even mine from a distance.

I look forward to one day, again, saying that aloud.

and for your crazy 8. funny carrot things.

Be well, dear one.