Cocktails and Noshes: dinner my way

by noahyourself

Hand crafted cocktails with infused spirits, homemade bitters, etc

Homemade Vegetable chips: beet, daikon, carrot served with
Vegan Baba Ghanoush
Poblano and Black bean dip

Chive Wrapped Roasted Asparagus with a Chili Aoili

Plantain empanada with caramelized onion, kale, and butternut squash (with cayenne- sweet and spicy)
Zucchini and scallion fritter with spicy tomato jam

Lettuce wrap- marinated sirloin and tofu
Crispy onions, garlic, soy, sesame 

Stuffed Mushroom- red & yellow pepper, shallot, herbs, sundried tomatoes, 

Baked Sweet Potato Falafel with a pomegranate-grapefruit walnut relish

Jerusalem cucumber cups- tomato, olive, red onion, garlic… in a lemon tahini dressing
Chocolate Cake- sheet cake cut and portioned into individual servings, garnished with a fresh berry
Grilled Skewers of mango and strawberry, balsamic reduction