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Month: December, 2012

Christmas Miracle.

My parents dropped me off from the suburbs after Christmas. In front of ethan, and in one breath my father “he”‘d me several times without correcting himself and without criticism talked about coming to a passover meal at my house. My mother did this the day before.

They left and ethan looked at me. “Did you talk to them?” “Nope.”

Unprompted Christmas miracle? I think so.



I hope these eight have been wonderful for you. They’ve been pretty good for me too. I think I’ve said it before, but Stephanie, I think of you and smile. I miss you. I miss talking daily. I miss who you are. That doesn’t mean I’m unhappy. It doesn’t mean I want you to do anything but what you’re doing, or me anything but what I’m doing. I just miss telling the ins and outs of days with someone very special.

I love you, Goldfarb. Happy Chanukah. Thank you for being the wonderful one that you are. You make many days brighter… even mine from a distance.

I look forward to one day, again, saying that aloud.

and for your crazy 8. funny carrot things.

Be well, dear one.


Did you hear about the shooting?  Did you hear a father opened fire on an elementary school killing teachers and children?
I’m crying a bit. I have that twisted feeling in my chest.
There were children covered in blood and they didn’t know at first glance if they were hurt or if it was someone else’s blood.
Who would do that?


My boys are watching “shalom sesame”… So awesome. shalom sesame


oh ginger snap.

I’ve put on a little holiday weight…


Oh yes all holidays require something sweet.


On the fourth day of Chanukah… my gift to you is fashion porn and great hair cuts.

I woke with calm in my soul and had citrus before coffee. It’s been a beautiful day, made only more beautiful with those photographs. Every hair cut I could ever dream of having. Lord.

My thoughts wander and I hope that you have peace and love. And smile because I know you have at least one of those.

Be well, small one.



3. Look at that shmoo